Tuesday, August 2, 2011

more head sketches

Like we have mentioned before...we do read the forums! We thank everyone who gave opinions about the head sketch, especially for those who understood it was a rough sketch(from months ago) and gave feedback.  We would have liked to been able to show more for the crew at TFCON(thanks again) but couldn't.

 Here are some more head sketches based from the original and others with a new direction. As we have said before, nailing the look is very important to all of us. Again, just sketches, but closer to our final look. Feel free to let us know what you guys think at G1UPPERS@GMAIL.COM


  1. I like the bottom row, middle head. Menasor really needs a "facial" face, not with a bunch of doodads on it. really emotive, not so techy.

  2. I'd also like to see him have a little "fatter" of a face, kinda trucker/car guy ya know?