Saturday, July 9, 2011

We see we have had A LOT of traffic the past few days. Thanks to TFW2005.COM and SEIBERTRON.COM for the front page spot.

So to answer a few questions.


 We felt the name could be taken many ways. So if confuses you more than it should, don't think to hard.  G1=transformers related

It's just a fun name.

Why have G1 in the name and then start out with "Animated" kits?

Simple, because we want to. We have many upgrades planned. All for characters that started in G1, but have lived LONG passed the time of our youth.

"When will we see pics"

 We are holding out any pics and updates for the guys at TFCON. This is the first year that anyone has decided to give 3rd party groups a panel and we would like to do or part to support that. Sorry folks.

 We want to thank everyone who has been supportive of our ideas. We do read your thoughts on the forums. It really helps encourage us to keep moving forward. We are rather stubborn and want to run  before we crawl. So a lot of time, money, and energy is being spent on creating "FIREMASTER" and we have a lot to loose or gain if we can knock this out of the park. But it will take time as we are a small group, and can not devote 30 hours a day to these.

 Thanks for checking us out. Keep a watch for the TFCON news.

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